The Happy Soul Snapbar Set

The Happy Soul Snapbar Set

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If you like fruity scents then the Happy Soul collection is worth a try!

This listing is for a box of snapbars in each of the following scents. 

ZEST ~ The bees knees of lemon scents!

SAN FRANCISCO BAY ~ The scent of a beautiful sunny morning in San Francisco. A sublime combination of marine notes, blended with patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla.

HAPPINESS ~ The fruitiest of fruity scents! A sparkling blend of cassis berries, grapefruit, goji berry and peach.

BOHO ~ A refreshing blend of bergamot and lemon on a bed of warming amber and sweet musks.

CALIFORNIAN SUNBEAMS ~ The sweet fragrance of a Summer's Day basking in the California sun. A fruity blend of sweet blueberry, strawberry and powdery vanilla.

CALYPSO ~ A super happy, sparkly fragrance created to make you smile! Fruity and zingy.